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Our animals

Many animals are here year-round, like rabbits and cats, or the popular pot-bellied pigs, chicken and goats. Get to know our ponies "Sindy" and "kleiner Gauner". Sissi, our haflinger horse, and the mother cow with its calves spend the summer on the alpine pasture. 

What is the difference between a hay fork and a dung fork?
Who knows what an aftermath is and for what reason are there little huts on every field. How many eggs does a hen lay? By the end of the holiday week at the latest every kid knows the answers... 

Farmer Hans makes children's eyes glisten when he hands them the farm diploma and the medal at the end of the holiday week. The thrill rises from year to year when the titles "mini farmer", "young farmer" or "hay farmer" are awarded. 

Ierzer`s farm diploma

All about the farm

Childrens' hearts beat faster when they can discover and explore the farm life.

Discovering and exploring farm life - every child's dream can come true here at the Ierzerhof when we introduce them to the farmer's way of life. Is there anything better than the daily work in the stables - in an overall and with rubber boots (both available during your stay): feeding, grooming, mucking, fetching eggs,...